Giant Cleaning Systems, Inc.

 Rig and Riser Wash
GIANT  has very safe and effective products for use on oil rigs. These products will help to cut down on the cleaning time which will increase productivity.  They  can be used for light cleaning to heavy duty cleaning, and are safe for the environment. 


Giant Riser Clean

A highly concentrated liquid cleaner composed of hardworking surfactants formulated to remove
synthetic and diesel oil-based mud from casing riser work string and equipment during the completion process.  This product will effectively break down oils to prevent mud coagulation.

This cleaner is effective in effective in removing drilling mud; therefore greatly reducing cleaning time and downtime of the rig.  It is safe on rubber, vinyl, plastic, and all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  It is also excellent for use with pressure washing.

Concentration can vary from 2 oz to 8 oz per gallon depending on the mud being removed and the type of equipment used.


GSB Power

GSB Power is a highly concentrated and biodegradable liquid detergent specially formulated to meet the cleaning needs of the oil field and industrial industries. This detergent is powerful, non flammable, non corrosive, non toxic and non polluting and emulsifies oils and grease easily and quickly leaving a clean surface with no residue.  This product has been extensively tested and found to be very safe for the employees and the environment, to include aquatic life.

GSB Power is designed to produce effective cleaning results in many soil removing applications.  It may be used on all metal and other hard surfaces, painted or unpainted and rubber. It is  very effective in cleaning oil rigs, platforms, decks, tanks, barges, engine rooms, bilges, concrete and much more.  It is also very good at cleaning trucking rigs, trucks, cars as well as various types of transport vehicles.  It can also be used in steam cleaning machines.

GSB Power easily penetrates and emulsifies greasy, oil and various soils and can easily be rinsed with water.  For heavy-duty cleaning, add water to suggested concentration or adjust concentration for various degrees of cleaning.  It is formulated to efficiently clean industrial equipment, engines, pumps, machinery, vehicles, tools, floors, counter tops and much more.

It is cost effective, safe and easy and safe for employees to use.

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