Giant Cleaning Systems, Inc.

   Auto & Aircraft Cleaners

GIANT manufactures highly concentrated liquid and powder products which are formulated to clean as good or better than the best liquid detergent.

Powders and liquids designed to remove road film from a combination of soils effectively and completely while protecting the wax, paint, clear coat, aluminum, and chrome. 

They perform excellent cleaning with high foaming

in low concentrations. Very economical to use and can reduce your chemical inventory significantly because you will need less products for your automatic, wands, brushes, tire cleaning, carpets, etc. to achieve excellent results. 

Your customers WILL keep coming back!



Sherman Solution
- Powdered detergent formulated to remove road film and all types of soils while protecting the wax, paint, clear coat, aluminum, and chrome. Excellent in cleaning vehicles, buildings and equipment. Safe on all surfaces. 35 Lbs will make a 55 GL drum of detergent. Mixture will never separate. Industrial uses include pressure washing of vehicles, aircraft, and equipment; industrial, car washing industry.

Yellow Suds - Super concentrated powder detergent which contains citrus, surfactants, water conditioners, and foam boosters. Safe on all surfaces. Very effective in removing road film and various soils from vehicles. Dilute up to 50 to 1. Industrial uses include car and truck washes.


Gold Sheen
- Highly concentrated detergent which gives high foaming in low concentrations. Designed for use in touch-less car & truck washes, wand car washes and in automatics and brushes. Safe on all surfaces. Industrial uses include car and truck washes.

Safe Kleen - Highly concentrated orange detergent very effective in removing oil, grease, dirt and light carbons. Safe on everything. Great for multi-purpose cleaning and degreasing. Dilute up to 40 to 1. Industrial uses include pressure washing, car washing industry, janitorial and much more. USDA accepted.

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